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Spearheading the Digital Revolution: ASGN's Transcendent Rebranding Journey

In a mission to transition into the digital realm, ASGN, a Fortune 100 company, partnered with our expert branding consultancy. With a solid foundation in design and a keen eye for detail, we crafted a distinctive brand identity for ASGN that is modern, inclusive, and reflective of their continuous commitment to excellence and innovation.


For over 30 years, ASGN has been empowering businesses to solve complex problems and shape the future. Renowned for recruiting and placing some of the world's most brilliant minds in various fields including science, technology, engineering and creative roles, ASGN was looking to reinvent their brand to resonate with the digital future. We were thrilled to partner once again with this global solutions leader, on a mission to craft a new-age brand identity that echoed their transformative ethos.

The Challenge

There were two primary challenges for the client. First, there was a clear brand architecture issue. With twelve brands in the family and a lack of a brand strategy and a well-defined brand architecture schema, the client had significant selling issues. Sales reps from different brands had conflicting stories and were undercutting each other. Customers were receiving different prices for what seemed to be the same company. Clients began to complain, invoices had multiple logos, and sales decks were all over the place. This was a considerable primary brand development issue that adversely impacted the business. The secondary challenge was to integrate a new, modern, scalable, and measurable digital-first corporate identity without compromising ASGN’s rich 30-year heritage.


We employed a strategic methodology rooted in comprehensive research. This entailed a deep dive into their organization, divisions and market environment, gathering a rich repository of branding data. Through diligent analysis, we identified critical opportunities to infuse into the new brand identity. This scientific approach significantly influenced our design, building and testing phases.


The result was an authentic, unique and modern brand identity that beautifully transitioned from the traditional print-based landscape to the digital era. We made it a point to involve ASGN throughout the process, ensuring the final product was a true representation of who they are as a company. With meticulous testing and iteration, we crafted an identity system that evolved from its traditional print origins, while preserving its essence and fully embracing the characteristics of the digital age.

To communicate this transformation internally and across divisions, we created a microsite to house the Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and comprehensive Brand Usage Guideline. This microsite featured a digital presentation detailing ASGN’s distinctive story and the philosophy behind their new look, so everyone in the company had access to the latest brand tools and story.

Key Takeaways

The rebranding process of ASGN stands testament to the transformative power of design. By successfully ushering a traditional print-oriented identity into the vibrant landscape of the digital era, the company could effectively communicate its evolution without relinquishing its heritage. Our work with ASGN reinforces our manifesto that design isn't just an aesthetic; it's a tool for world-changing impact. This case study further exemplifies how we use our deep understanding of audiences and product innovation to craft meaningful and impactful brand experiences.

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