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Rebranding NCAA's College Colors Day: A Digital Update with William Morris Endeavor (WME) and La Visual

La Visual was hired by William Morris Endeavor to revitalize College Colors Day by crafting a record-breaking digital experience. This initiative brought a renewed sense of engagement and fervor, embodying the spirit of college football fans nationwide. Our goal was not only to showcase college pride but also to develop a more modern digital connection between schools and fans.


The NCAA's College Colors Day is an established tradition, a celebration where students and alumni proudly display their university's football team colors. As a beacon of passion and spirit for college football enthusiasts, the need was to amplify this spirit in the digital realm, making it more accessible and engaging than ever. William Morris Endeavor entrusted La Visual with this monumental task for the 2017 College Football Championship.


The issue at hand was two-fold: first, to increase awareness and engagement around College Colors Day and, second, to transform this traditional celebration into a seamless and modern digital experience, ensuring it worked for the traditionalists and the newer generation of college football aficionados.


Our methodology centered on understanding the essence of College Colors Day. After in-depth market research and strategy formulation, we built an integrated marketing campaign enriched with diverse digital experiences. This wasn't just about bringing a tradition online but rejuvenating it, making it more interactive and sharable, thus extending its reach exponentially.


  • Share & Save Photo Experience: At the heart of our digital strategy was the user experience. We designed a streamlined and contemporary user interface, allowing for easy sharing. As a testament to our success, 12% of visitors utilized the sharing component, amplifying College Colors Day's digital footprint.
  • Two-Click Social Sharing: Recognizing the need for simplicity in today's fast-paced digital world, we developed a responsive web-based app, enabling users to upload images, typically selfies, and share them with just two clicks. This user-centric approach resulted in an impressive 18.5% of unique visitors sharing or saving their photos.
  • Integrated Merchandising: To further enhance engagement and offer value, once a user selected a team, our app seamlessly integrated relevant merch stores into the microsite, offering fans easy access to showcase their loyalty.
  • Winning Proposition: To elevate user participation, the campaign made users of the app automatically eligible to win tickets to the championship game, creating an intrinsic reward mechanism and adding excitement to the experience.

Key Takeaways 

Our collaboration with William Morris Endeavor on College Colors Day was not just a campaign but a digital revolution. Garnering 277K unique page views, a conversion rate of 19.3%, and 85.4% new visitors, the campaign was WME's most triumphant to date. This success underscores the transformative power of modern digital strategies. At La Visual, we’re ready to take you to the next level.

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