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Revolutionizing Lincoln's Customer Experience: A Blend of Immersive Technology and Memorable Journeys

Partnering with long-standing client Lincoln, we set out to redefine the automobile customer experience, seamlessly integrating emergent technology with the timeless charm of driving. Through two groundbreaking campaigns, we breathed life into the traditional test-drive and post-drive journey, leveraging cutting-edge technology and experiential branding to bridge the gap between Lincoln, its vehicles and its potential customers.


The Lincoln automobile legacy has always resonated with luxury, comfort and innovation. However, with evolving consumer expectations and the rapid rise of technology, the brand needed to bring something novel to the table: an immersive, tech-enabled exploration of their vehicles, culminating in an MKC launch tour and a relived driving experience through "Lincoln Moments."


  1. To disrupt the static test-drive narrative, transforming it into an iBeacon-integrated, interactive journey, mere weeks after iBeacon technology debuted.
  2. To encapsulate the magic of a drive in shareable, digital memories, ensuring consumers could relive and share their Lincoln experiences.


  1. 2015 Lincoln MKC Launch Tour: Pioneering the union of augmented reality and driving, we introduced a 360° branded experience with an iPad app powered by the nascent iBeacon technology. This integrated real-time driving with interactive audio prompts and sound stations, ushering guests into a world where they could feel both the drive and the tech powering it.
  2. Lincoln Moments: Centralizing the premise that stories forge emotional connections, we sought to help drivers encapsulate their Lincoln moments. Using a native iPhone application, we captured the drive in video, subsequently providing drivers a personal microsite to revisit and share their journey.


  1. Rapid Prototyping for MKC Tour: Beyond designing the augmented reality experience, we prepped for a 50-city tour. This entailed training staff on the novel technology, integrating carbon-fiber iPad shades, and readying a comprehensive training kit—all within tight deadlines.
  2. Digital Sharing with Lincoln Moments: Our platform not only captured drives but also made sharing effortless. From the recording phase, through automatic uploads to a secure cloud, to receiving a private URL via SMS, users had a hassle-free way to relive and share their Lincoln moments.

Key Takeaways

The innovative blend of technology and experiential branding resulted in overwhelming success. The MKC Launch Tour lasted 472 days, averaging 175 guests daily, and amassed over 3.21 million social impressions. "Lincoln Moments" boasted a staggering 91% share rate, underscoring the allure of reliving and sharing personalized driving experiences. Together, these campaigns encapsulate our commitment to enhancing customer journeys, using technology as a bridge between brands and their audience.

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“Productive, creative, forward-thinking, tenacious, strategic — all terms I’ve used to describe the services La Visual provided to me over the course of nearly two years. These are all terms you want in a brand agency partner.”

- Rego Marquiis, ECD | Omnicom Agency, AMCI Globa

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