Crafting a Distinct Digital Brand Identity for a Pioneering Fintech Solution: Origin8

Harnessing the power of design and human-centric branding, we transformed Origin8, a SaaS product for private-money mortgage origination, from a feature of its parent company, CIVIC Financial, to a robust, independent entity. Our case demonstrates how our philosophy of design-led branding influenced our approach and empowered Origin8 to stand out in the marketplace, promoting equity, inclusivity and wellness in the digital space.


CIVIC Financial had successfully created a software solution to manage private-money mortgage origination. However, its close association with the parent brand was hindering its potential as an independent software solution, causing conflict with other resellers of CIVIC's loan products. Our task was to remake the product into a standalone brand, transforming it from a feature of CIVIC into a distinct solution for private-money lenders.


The task was to create a modern, high-tech brand identity for Origin8 that distinctly separated it from its parent brand, CIVIC, while preserving the high standards of their customer experience. This was complex as CIVIC, being the creator, was also a user of the product. Additionally, despite CIVIC's belief in the uniqueness of their product, market research uncovered competitors, thereby raising the need to establish a new positioning for Origin8 in the marketplace.


Our approach was to position Origin8 as a modern, user-friendly and highly effective tech solution, offering unparalleled access to top-tier private-money loan products. Through our extensive research process, including stakeholder interviews, surveys and data analysis, we established a clear understanding of the target audience and their needs. Our Brand Illumination process further helped us define the brand's persona, messaging and identity, underlining the emotional and rational need for accomplishment within our audience.


Drawing from the key emotional need of accomplishment, we developed the brand promise of "Simply Done" - simplifying private-money loan origination. The brand's essence was encapsulated in attributes like Bold, Energetic, Confident, Modern and Simple. While the client undertook the naming process due to budget constraints, we provided a comprehensive identity to 'Origin8' that embodied its ethos. Through workshops and educational sessions, we empowered the client with insights into effective branding, brand architecture and product branding.

Key Takeaways

The success of this project underscored the importance of brand architecture and the symbiotic relationship between product and brand. Many organizations tend to isolate these two elements, hindering a successful product launch. By intertwining brand and product together, we established a clear brand strategy for both CIVIC and Origin8 that defined their unique positioning and facilitated clear communication with their audience. This case study underscores our belief in design as not merely an aesthetic element but a tool for world-changing impact.

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