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Retro Revamp: Harnessing User-Generated Content to Rekindle 'Grease' Fever

We employed a strategic mix of design and interactive digital experiences, championing a novel way for the fan community to help bring Grease back to the limelight, reaching a live audience of over 12 million fans. Our approach not only captured the essence of Grease, but also propelled user engagement with a fun, community-centered activity.


Fox was set to broadcast Grease Live, a modern, live rendition of the classic 1978 film Grease. The primary objective was to stir excitement among fans and generate a buzz before and during the premiere through an innovative and immersive digital experience.


The goal was to encourage genuine fan interaction, and take advantage of the influence social media offers brands to foster trust and loyalty. Recognizing the significant role of user-generated content in establishing this connection, the task was to create an authentic, engaging experience that resonated with the Grease fanbase.


Our team began by identifying a vibrant community of modern-day “greasers.” They were fans who loved not just the movie but its cultural significance and were eager to be part of the Grease universe. We decided to tap into this sentiment of community and belonging.


Our solution was the Photo Day at Rydell High campaign, an original web application that allowed users to immerse themselves in the Grease universe. Fans could transform their photos into T-birds or Pink Ladies, embodying the characters they love, immerse themselves into the Grease brand while inserting their own Rydell High yearbook photo. After capturing these hilarious moments, the app enabled instant shareability so that viewers could share these images on social media using a personalized, trackable link.

Our choice for a web-based application allowed fans to participate without the barrier of downloading software or sharing personal information. In designing the app, we were meticulous in capturing Grease aesthetics — the typography, colors, textures inspired by the letterman jackets — ensuring an authentic user experience.

Key Takeaways

Our "Photo Day at Rydell High" campaign demonstrated the power of user-generated content and a design-focused approach in creating immersive digital experiences. The tailored solution, which resonated deeply with fans of Grease, resulted in 130k unique visitors, 13.4% conversion rate and more than 13.5k selfies downloaded.

By placing design and user experience at the heart of our strategy, we found a fun way to share the Grease excitement, fostering an engaging and inclusive digital experience.

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“La Visual is an exceptional agency for Product Design & UX/UI projects. They delivered a premium experience within an extremely tight timeline that delighted fans and drove impressive ROI for our business.”

– Marc Cittadino, VP, Content Marketing | FOX Broadcasting

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