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CIVIC Financial: Pioneering a Brand Identity in the Modern Real Estate Lending Landscape

Collaborating closely with CIVIC Financial, we meticulously crafted a resonant brand identity and strategic digital footprint, propelling them to unparalleled prominence in the contemporary real estate lending market. CIVIC’s meteoric rise, with a remarkable $4 billion lending record in September 2020, mirrors our commitment to create brand narratives that truly echo a company's core ethos.


CIVIC Financial Services, having emerged as a disruptive force in private money lending, swiftly grew from a modest beginning to boasting over 50 employees within a year. Amidst this rapid ascent, they grappled with understanding their evolving identity, harnessing their burgeoning momentum and charting a clear path forward.


Our primary challenge was to discern CIVIC's essence and articulate this into a tangible brand strategy, effectively reflecting their innovative approach, robust financial backing, and commitment to simplifying the lending process.


  1. Cultural Intelligence Assessment: Diving deep into the fabric of CIVIC, we conducted interviews with key stakeholders, clients, and engaged in creative data collection from employees. This holistic analysis identified crucial gaps and growth opportunities, laying a robust foundation for our subsequent strategies.
  2. Branding on Truths: Recognizing CIVIC's unique position in challenging the status quo of lending, we rallied the brand under the banner of "break through." This encapsulated their dedication to forging novel paths for both new and seasoned lenders, brokers and investors.
  3. Visual Representation: Crafting a brand identity that symbolically resonated with CIVIC's ethos, we integrated diverse elements into a singular visual narrative. The 'V' became a beacon of their core values, drawing inspiration from Victoria, the Roman Goddess of Victory.


  1. Corporate Cultural Development: Our deep dive into CIVIC's vibrant culture was instrumental in identifying and amplifying their brand essence through multimedia channels like video and photography.
  2. Digital Footprint: We delivered a state-of-the-art enterprise website and CMS platform, custom-designed to cater to CIVIC’s exponential growth trajectory. This, combined with our digital team's extensive brand propagation across print and digital domains, culminated in an impressive 200% surge in digital engagement.

Key Takeaways

CIVIC Financial's astounding success, reflected in their business and employee growth rates, is a testament to the power of a meticulously crafted brand strategy. As they continue to scale new summits, their brand narrative, enriched by our collaboration, promises to be their steadfast ally. Their story, one of transformation and ascendancy, is one we are privileged to have been an intrinsic part of, and we eagerly anticipate their future endeavors.

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