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Visualizing the Inclusive Future of Streaming: The Birth of VSYN+

In an era of digital transformation, we took the initiative to bring inclusivity to the forefront of the streaming industry. Our collaboration with Signed Studios helped us pioneer VSYN+, a streaming platform dedicated to the ASL community. This case study exemplifies our dedication to creating meaningful brand identities that resonate deeply with the target audience.


The ASL community, comprising nearly 30 million deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in the U.S., has often been overlooked by conventional streaming platforms. Recognizing this gap, Signed Studios sought to create an inclusive platform for ASL users. They partnered with us to develop a brand identity that truly resonates with this vibrant community.


Our task was to create an authentic, inclusive brand identity for a new streaming service dedicated to the ASL community. This required us to navigate the complex terrain of cultural nuances, preferences, and pain points specific to this community.


In our quest to create a truly representative brand, we conducted extensive market research and engaged with ASL designers and creatives at every stage of brand development. This iterative, community-focused process allowed us to gain deep insights into the unique experiences of ASL users and apply these learnings to the creation of VSYN+.


The collaborative naming process, involving hearing and ASL creatives, led to the birth of VSYN+. The discovery workshops, including naming and brand identity sessions, explored a wide range of concepts to build a brand identity that would represent ASL signers in all their diversity. To ensure the brand resonated with the ASL community, we implemented a multi-channel approach, including providing live ASL-based help for users. The resulting new name and identity system stemmed from three essential images:  is an emblem of sight and motion, reflecting the visual language integral to ASL.

Key Takeaways

VSYN+ exemplifies the power of inclusive design and the potential for brands to revolutionize industries. As a beacon for inclusivity in visual entertainment, it is leading the way in making entertainment accessible to all. This case study affirms our commitment to making design a tool for change, redefining the traditional boundaries of brand creation and audience engagement.

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