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DC Entertainment: Multi-channel Fan Engagement

With a rich tapestry of narratives that captivate fans worldwide, DC Comics continually evolves to keep audiences enthralled. Our longstanding partnership with DC has been a journey of creating innovative avenues to deliver captivating content and foster fan engagement across generations.


Recognizing that not all fans can attend the iconic ComicCon, we joined forces with DC Comics to craft a campaign that would bring the ComicCon experience to them. "Con Away From Con" was our venture into replicating the ComicCon magic for global fans, delivering curated content virtually as events unfolded. This initiative featured diverse content categories like DC University, We Can Be Heroes, 5.2 Questions, and Character Spotlights, providing fans a rich taste of ComicCon, irrespective of their location.


In a bid to ignite the spark of fandom in the next generation, we collaborated on the "DC Fan Family" campaign. This initiative was a digital playground where parents and their children could delve into comic-themed activities and projects together. Through the DC Fan Family blog, we provided a plethora of activities to help families bond over iconic DC characters and stories, nurturing the nascent curiosity of young fans.

With a modern twist to iconic female characters, the "DC You" initiative was born. Tailoring a fresh style and attitude to resonate with a contemporary, predominantly female audience, we designed a suite of assets for Instagram and other social media platforms. This endeavor was crafted to engage the socially adept, modern woman, connecting them with reimagined heroes that reflect today's ethos.

Key Takeaways

Our collaborative efforts with DC Comics underscore the power of innovative engagement in keeping the age-old fandom vibrant and welcoming for both seasoned fans and the next generation. Through tailored campaigns and strategic digital platforms, we've bridged the traditional with the contemporary, ensuring the timeless allure of DC Comics remains accessible and enjoyable for all.

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