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Elevating Juma: Crafting a Tribal Brand Identity for an Inclusive Treadmill Studio Experience

With a deep dive into cultural inspirations and community-driven ethos, we redefined Juma, a contemporary treadmill studio, by intertwining its purpose with the unique Tarahumara Tribe legacy. Our collaboration with Juma celebrates the marriage of authentic tribal roots with modern branding, resulting in an inclusive, empowering brand that actively contributes to global causes.


"Juma," rooted in the language of the Tarahumara Tribe from Mexico, stands as a testament to their unparalleled running prowess and their community-driven spirit. This indigenous tribe's rich ethos of inclusion and optimism set the stage for us to weave a brand narrative for Juma that wasn't just about fitness but also about creating a meaningful impact.


The challenge lay in translating the Tarahumara Tribe's essence into a modern brand identity for Juma. This required capturing the soul of a tribe known for its running abilities, molding it into an inclusive treadmill studio brand, and ensuring a commitment to tangible global contributions.


Drawing from the tribal essence:

  1. Tribal Branding: We envisioned Juma as more than just a treadmill studio. It was about creating an ambiance that resonated with tribal inclusivity, engagement, empowerment, and approachability.
  2. The Journey Mark: Our strategy emphasized the creation of a brand perception that was intentional and specific, culminating in a symbol that was both significant and poignant.
  3. Symbolism & Meaning: With the spiral representing water and the heart symbolizing love, we combined these elements with a palette of vibrant and diverse colors to encapsulate Juma's brand essence. Each sign-up at Juma directly contributes to charity: water, emphasizing their commitment to global betterment.


Guided by our award-winning team:

  1. Modern Meets Traditional: Seamlessly integrating the Tarahumara Tribe's legacy with a contemporary fitness studio's requirements, Juma emerged as a brand echoing both tradition and modernity.
  2. Digital Excellence: Ensuring the brand's online presence was optimized, resulting in a bounce rate and organic conversions that surpassed global averages.
  3. Community Engagement: The emphasis was not just on physical fitness but also on fostering a community spirit and contributing positively to global causes.

Key Takeaways

Juma's transformation underscored the power of authentic narratives in modern branding. With a significantly better bounce rate than the global average and impressive organic conversions, Juma's digital metrics alone stood testament to the brand's resonance with its audience. Furthermore, with an online booking revenue surpassing global benchmarks, our journey with Juma reinforces the idea that when brands are rooted in genuine stories and purpose, they not only captivate but also make a tangible difference to the bottom line.

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